How to Choose Pet Name: Tips on Choosing The Perfect Name

Millions of names available for your four-legged sweethearts and yet wondering How to choose Pet Name? Well, quite a daunting task when you have a sea of names and yet cannot decide upon one. People tend to name their pets as if they are naming themselves and often name the new pet with the name of the previous deceased pet. Some names can often be inspired by the look or their appearance or habits while some by the color of the fur they possess. If you are looking for quick tips to consider naming your fur balls, get started with these tips in mind.

Observing traits in character

Wait for a few weeks and observe your pet’s characteristics. If at all they have outstanding features that are unique then name them accordingly. For e.g. calling it Happy if the pet is extremely congenial and jovial. Name it Snoozy if it is lazy and sleeps a lot. This way of naming your pet is the most conventional, as what you see is what you name them. Also, this is the simplest way of getting on the nomenclature method.

Fictional characters as names

This is also an excellent way of naming your pets. Any famous character from the T.V. show or cartoons that you and your kids watch can be used to name your pets. Make sure that the name sounds well and your pet is responding to the call of it. For e.g. Tom, Jerry, Mickey, Donald and Goofy to name a few. This way shall work in naming them without having to think deep.

Keeping it short and concise

This way of naming pets is more for your pet’s way of responding to it rather than your motive. This is specially the case with certain pets that find it difficult to relate to long names and do not respond to it. Every pet has the tendency to react and respond to shorter call-time of their names. Thus keep it short and simple for them to come running to your calls.

Naming with hard consonant and browsing internet

Pets recognize names beginning with consonants that are hard. They identify names starting with “T,” “M,” “K” and “S” much more quickly and easily than names that start with vowels. As a result, your pet will respond quickly in a noisy and crowded place; for e.g. Tommy, Mandy, Kandy, Snoopy, Nancy and Brownie to name a few. After all, it is also important for them to recognize their names. The internet comes handy whenever you are searching for names so make full use of it to name them.

The name game

Your pets are the apples of your eyes and naming them comes naturally to you. Often you call them using love sounds without officially deciding on a name, and yet they respond. This response is out of the love you extravagantly pour on them. Long ago and even now people say as to what’s in a name but the name bears testimony to the fact as to how you see your pet. So get naming them and most importantly loving them even more because it is not the sunshine from the skies, but the twinkle and joy in your pet’s eyes.